Weeding Services


Weeding Services

Despite all the effort you have put into your garden, there is no escaping invasive plants. Though they are a natural part of the ecosystem of a garden, the overwhelming majority would agree they are unpleasant to have around the property, especially when they detract from the work you have put into your plants. Red Key’s weeding services can save you the time and effort in tackling weed removal, saving you putting in hours of work only to get sub-par results.

We take expert care, so you don’t have to.

The Importance of Weed Care

Though weeds are a well-known frustration in back yards and gardens, very few people realise the extent of the dangers of allowing weeds to thrive. Invasive plants occupy space and nutrients which could otherwise be used for plants and shrubs which contribute to the life of your garden. Over time, as weeds find cured spaces easiest to grow in, weeds starve your garden of the essentials they need to grow, preventing you from enjoying the garden you have worked for.

While its common knowledge that basic knowledge can be done from home, by pulling tirelessly on weeds, hoping to remove them from the ground, this is a solution optimised for time nor money. Unless you manage to remove the roots of the plant, these weeds will only end up returning. Lawn weeds for example, are almost impossible to spot and to remove, as they cannot simply be dug up. To add to the problem, many store-bought weed killers are not adequate to perform weed removal effectively, while not damaging the surrounding area, or in the worst-case scenario, they don’t remove weeds at all.

To prevent damage, and future avoidable costs, weed removal is something best left to specialists. Therefore, it is clear that Red Key’s weeding services are required to properly care for your garden.


Why Red Key?

Here at Red Key Property Services, we are specialists in dealing with weed removal and are able to draw on a wealth of experience in removing weeds from the well-tended gardens in Harrisburg, Lancaster and York PA and the surrounding areas. Our team is expert in removing weeds while maintaining the health of the adjacent plants – preventing cases of weed removal damaging the wider garden. We are the most cost-effective solution to your weeding problems, as we desire you to have the outdoor area that you deserve.

Our specialists use the most effective tools and weed killers, ensuring that the weeds plaguing your back yards will not return, so your garden can thrive.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for us and we pride ourselves in being punctual, efficient, and effective in our weeding services. Following any completed jobs, we will ask for any input or improvements you think need to be made before signing off on any job, ensuring you are content with any work done.

Call Red Key today to find out more about what we can do to let your garden thrive!

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