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Red Key Property Services refer inquires to trusted contractors in the York, Harrisburg and Lancaster Pennsylvania area. These tradesmen have undertaken work and are proven within their field of expertise.

All services advertised on the website are carried out by local contractors. All work is negotiated, agree and carried out by the local contractor. All agreements are direct with the various contractors and tradesmen who will be undertaking the work. Any disputes or claims will be directed to the individual contractor or company who you have contracted with to undertake the work.

When an inquiry is made this is passed on to our trusted contractors. They will contact you directly in order to provide a quotation for a job. If you decide to go ahead with the work, then the contractual relationship is between you the customer and the specific contractor. Any payment will be paid directly to the contractor. Red Key Property Services does not undertake any work directly and does not contract directly with any customers seeking work advertised on this website.

For further information please contact us at: inquiries@redkeypropertyservices.com

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